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Feng Shui Your Business for Good Fortune and Commercial Success!

Feng Shui can point you to the right direction when there are crtiical decisions to be made!

Chinese business people have been using Feng Shui to enhance and harmonize their businesses for centuries. In South East Asia, especially Hong Kong, most businesses had taken the advice of a Feng Shui Master. From the Head of International Companies to Street Traders. They all know and believe in the benefits of Feng Shui.

Harmonize and revitalize your home

Bring Harmony, Health, Wealth, and Happiness into your life!

Feng Shui is designed to enhance not only your home and environment, but also your life. Once you begin to make changes within your home, your energy levels, your outlook on life, and your sense of well-being will also change. Discover how to create calm, balance, and harmony in your home.      

What is your Kua Number?

The Secret to Your Health, Wealth, Career &  Relationships Success! 

If you are new to Feng Shui or you are not sure how to work out your Gua Number then here is a simplified guide and a Gua number calculator for you to use. In Feng Shui we all have four auspicious and four inauspicious directions which are based on your Gua number.  Your Gua Number is calculated from your date of birth.

Bazi, Feng Shui and Your Life!

BaZi, also known as the 4 Pillars of Destiny, is one of the systems used by the Chinese to predict an individual's destiny. This system is generally accepted as the most authentic and accurate prediction of an individual's destiny, whereby each of the eight characters is symbolized by one of the dualisms of yin and yang of the five basic elements.


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